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The links below are a mine of useful information:

  •     to help you understand your electrical installation better
  •     the safety and legal implications of work you may wish to have done
  •     means of improving the energy efficiency of your property, including Grants information

  • And also a shameless plug for Newick Youth Theatre. Give them your support!
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    ESC Householder Leaflets Information from the Electrical Safety Council for householders. They describe safety issues around your installation and electrical appliances, and explain some of the jargon you may encounter
    ESC Best Practice Guides Detailed technical leaflets from the Electrical Safety Council explaining why certain works have to be carried out and also explaining the coding system of Inpsection Reports
    The Energy Saving Trust If you are looking for ways to stop wasting energy and money you'll find lots of ideas here. The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free and impartial advice on how to save energy
    New Horizons Solar Information and FAQs about Solar PhotoVoltaic sytems, and how they benefit you, your house and your wallet.

    Part P The actual Building Regulations concerning Electrical safety in dwellings
    Newick Youth Theatre We are pleased to help and support Newick Youth Theatre. Come along to our next production.
    Any adult volunteer help is much appreciated!
    English Disco Lovers (EDL) A snipe at the other EDL. A (successful) attempt to get more 'likes' for a Disco Community than a Racist Community.
    Groove On!